Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lecture phase is done!

Hi everyone!

This was the last week of DTS lecture phase!  It has flown by!  Now we have a week break, then two weeks outreach preparation, and then we leave for Albania!  My life is a crazy adventure!  

The biggest highlight from this week has been seeing God's faithfulness.  Half of the people on our team were trusting in God to provide finances for them for the outreach.  Between all of those people we needed to see 4,200 pounds come in (over $6,300).  It was getting nerve wracking because we needed to have almost all of that by Saturday or else the people who didn't have the money would not be coming on outreach.  Obviously we were praying a lot because we didn't want to leave anyone behind; and we trust that God is a good Father who knows our needs, takes care of us, and blesses us.  In just the nick of time God stirred several anonymous peoples' hearts to give very generous amounts.  We ended up receiving even more than we needed (the leftovers will go to YWAM Cambridge's rental properties)!!!  God is good!  The whole team is coming on outreach and we are all very excited!!!


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