Saturday, August 2, 2014

Glasgow and the Commonwealth Games outreach

Hi everyone!

Sorry I didn't post last week.  We were very busy in Scotland!  The past two weeks have been SOOOO cool!  We've been working with a YWAM ministry called Wildfire (or FireStarters) that organizes short-term outreaches for families/teenagers.  It was so exciting to get to be in Glasgow during the Commonwealth games!   I didn't realize what a big deal this event was, but it was HUGE!  There were tons of Nations coming together to compete, and the city was full of excitement!

We did a lot of evangelism. The people were SOOOO open to the Gospel!  Almost everyone I talked to was really interested to hear about the love of God.  Over the time I was there we saw over 100 people pray to make Jesus their personal Lord and Savior!  The harvest was ripe; it was incredibly easy!  For example, I shared the gospel with two girls on the street who said they didn't have a relationship with God.  I asked them, "Do you ever wonder what the purpose of life is?"  They said that they didn't know what the purpose of life was, but that they had been wondering about it.  I got to share with them that the purpose of life is having a relationship with God, and living for Him so that we can spend eternity with Him in heaven; that's what we were created for, and that's what brings fulfillment!  I asked them if there was anything keeping them from wanting a relationship with God, and they said no so we prayed with them to accept Jesus right then and there!

Not only was it exciting to see people get saved, but it was amazing to watch the young teenagers "catch the fire" for evangelism, and step out of their comfort zones to share the gospel.  The kids on the teams we were working with came from different Christian backgrounds and many of them were scared to talk to people about their faith.  BUT!  Many of them had incredible breakthrough, were able to overcome their fear, and saw people give their lives to Jesus because of it!  It was so much fun to set conversations up for these kids! The first step is often the hardest for them so my role became going up to people with them and saying, "Hi!  Do you have a second to stop and listen to a really amazing story?!?!?  You do?  Great!  Well, my friend so and so has something to tell you!" Then they would get to  share the gospel and I could back them up.

On the last night in Glasgow we got to be a part of Flourish (a group of people doing prayer and worship 24/7 during the Commonwealth Games).  We went from 10:30 to 3:00am and it was AMAZING!  Prayer is so powerful!  We also helped them with reading through the Bible out loud.  I read a few different chunks but a couple verses in Isaiah stood out to me.  Isaiah 11:10-12 (Jesus is our banner and He is going to gather the remnant from all over the earth!!!  Wooooohoooooo!!!)


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